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My services

The right video for every need with meaning (feeling) and made with passion (meaningful video for every need made with passion)
For those who launch a new product on the market and willing to inspire the customers
Image film
For those who want to tell about own business or oneself
Explanatory video
For those who want to explain something a bit more complicated
Event video
For those who want to have an event (wedding, company celebration, etc.) documented
Music Clip
For those who want to shoot a clip
Client-specific video
A reportage, shooting of a backstage or other

What do I offer

Type, scope and content of your video define the technologies used
If something should be shot from above
If a scene is needed that cannot be filmed on a given location and VFX are requared
Multiple cameras
If nothing must be missed at the event
Info graphic and animation
If graphics and animation are needed in the video
Motion Design
If you want to show your product via 3D animation
Creativity and responsibility
To guarantee the premium quality of the final result
Project flow
Pre production Together we define the concept of the video. Then I create a storyboard, which we then discuss. With some projects it's important to know in advance how each second of the video should look like before you start the shooting. To make sure that the camera man's vision matches the client's vision, a pre-visualization is created: a 3D animated video sketch that takes into account movements of actor and movements of camera
Shooting according to the predefined plan
Post production
The post production process may contain the following steps: video editing, clean up, mate painting, VFX, primary and secondary color correction, graphic design
Roman Shibaev
Founder & Art Director
Since several years I create films of various types. For this I use multiple cameras and other technical equipment that ensure a particularly high quality of each video. I simply enjoy producing unique films for business and private needs.

My location is Bühl-Baden (Germany, Baden-Württemberg), but I'm doing projects worldwide.
My customers
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+49 160 1200 694
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